farming simulator

Learn Everything About Farming Simulator 18

Farming simulator 18 is one of the best and most enjoyable Android tractor stimulator game. In farming stimulator you possess a farm in the country. The main objective in the farming stimulator is to grow and harvest crops to earn money. In the farming stimulator 18 game there is no other rewards for you with out money such as scores, long term goals, gems, coins etc.

In the farming stimulator 18 you are provided 4 different types of seeds you select from it. Manage your farm for growing seeds, plant seeds, water plants, protect it from birds and animals which harm your field, earn money by selling your crops. The money is then invested in your own farm to grow more plants and crops. The aim is to harvest as much crops as possible to get a positive gain from you investments in your farm.

farming simulator

Features Of Farming Simulator 18:

  • Manage your farm.
  • Plant seeds and harvest corps.
  • Sell your crops to earn money.
  • Enjoy a tractor stimulator.
  • Feel a tractor stimulator and working a field just like a real farmer.
  • Earn money by selling your crops.

Additional Information:

  • Farming Simulator was updated on date April 1 2018.
  • The current version of Farming simulator is 1.7.
  • Farming Simulator was offered by Mobile Plus.
  • The total size of Farming simulator is 37 MB.
  • Farming stimulator can be play on android version of 3.0 and above.
  • The content rating of Farming simulator is 4 Plus out of total 5 stars in Google Play Store.

Final Words:

Farming Simulator is a very unique simulator game for android users. Farming simulator provide you feeling just like a real farmer. Farming simulator is quite different from the other google available in the play store. This game is more rational and makes a sense like a real world.

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